Google SEO Updates 2016

Google SEO Updates 2016

 1) Google Anlaytic’s updates the integration Google Search console report (12th May’2016)

Google has came up with a yet another update and this time it’s related to Google Analytic’s.
Google announced that they will have a more deeper integration of Google Search console reports on there analytic’s  platform.

In coming days or weeks you will see a new section named “Search Console” which replaces “Search Engine Optimization Tab” appearing under the Acquisition Tab.

This means the new tab will combine data from both analytics and search console into a single report. Google will now show behavior and conversion metrics for your organic searches directly.

2) Google Webmaster introduce new look and adds new features

The year of 2016 has brought some changes in google search console.
They have introduced a completely new look and has also added some features like tutorial etc.the major added features are:

a)Webmaster Troubleshooter:

The troubleshooter gives a step by step guide to move your site or understand a message in Google search console. This will help you in understanding google search console in a better world.

b) Events calendar:

You can meet google team members online and ask your queries.

c)Popular resources:

You can get threads for popular google webmaster videos forum and blog posts.

3) Google Decides to tackle hacked spam 

As we know a huge amount of websites are hacked by spammers and then are misused, such as promotion of traffic to low-quality sites, porn, malware download, or marketing of illegal pharmaceuticals drugs. etc.

Webmasters who don’t opt for security are more vulnerable of the site being hacked. The cyber criminals look for less secure site and adds malicious content in order to get search engine rankings.

Google decided to make an algorithmic change to tackle these hacked spam. Now for some certain queries only the most relevant and lesser results will be shown. This is due to the large amount of spammed sight being removed and this development is likely to continue in the coming years.

4)  HTTPs Having a secured connection is must

Google is giving priority in making the web more secure hence it will be a wise decision for webmasters to go for HTTP connection rather than HTTP.

Google is going for “HTTPs everywhere”on web.

Advantage of having HTTPS for SEO

a) Having a secured connection will help you gain google grace.
b) Increased Rankings.

Google has announced giving ranking boost to secured websites and the ranking boost is likely to increase in coming months.

5) Google ads AMP option in Google Search Console.

Amp or Accelerated Mobile Pages  is just like a diet HTML that helps the webpages of your website to load faster on Mobile Devices and Tablets.
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